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Cabbage Growers Race To Beat the Expected Hard Freeze

With record-breaking temperatures expected in Florida, cabbage pickers between Hastings and Palatka were busy today trying to harvest the latest crop. Today’s scene was very similar to 2011 when cabbage growers also faced the risk of losing their winter crop to a hard freeze. Click on my archive story below to watch the process of … Continue reading Cabbage Growers Race To Beat the Expected Hard Freeze

The Effort To Save The Florida Panther

 (From my archives) Florida’s official state animal, the Florida panther, continues to be an endangered species with only between 50 to 150 animals left in the wild.  Many of the big cats are hit by cars each year.  Florida’s growing population has encroached on the panther’s historic territory. As Donna Green-Townsend reports, wildlife biologists and … Continue reading The Effort To Save The Florida Panther

Bat Dilemma at UF

  Lake Alice on the University of Florida campus presently serves as home to a number of species of fish and wildlife, including bats.  UF has two bat houses directly across from Lake Alice on Museum Road. In a feature originally produced and aired in 1990 on public television statewide, Donna Green-Townsend shares how the … Continue reading Bat Dilemma at UF

Wildlife Rehabilitation

When domestic animals such as dogs and cats get sick, there’s usually a pet owner around to foot the bill for the medical expenses and care for the pet once it goes home.  But when wild species get sick or injured, who handles their medical care?  Donna Green-Townsend reports on a unique cooperative effort between … Continue reading Wildlife Rehabilitation