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  1. Josh…glad you liked the website. I had so much fun working on posting those features. The kids and I are in Apalachicola right now on vacation. It’s been so much fun to talk to the folks we interviewed 14 years ago. We found Homer Marks grave today… saw Joey Ward, talked to the manager of the Gibson Inn and took a scenic river tour with Gibby Conrad today! What a unique place. :)

  2. Donna,
    Thanks for posting the interview about Don Grooms. It was great to remember those times again. Thanks for all you do to preserve the history of those who have gone before. All the best, Tom Shed

  3. Been thinking of you! Love the website, especially the pics. Scott Brewer phoned me and mentioned that you had retired. Boy, that revved up all sorts of feelings: sad, happy-for-you, but mostly the sense that time doesn’t really “pass,” it explodes and roars by like a tornado. You’re a very special person. L, mm

  4. Donna, it’s so great to visit your website and see all this great work you’ve done archived in so many ways! I would love to see captions for some of those photographs, they are amazing! I remember the story you did about Homer Marks. Have a great time in Apalach! I love that place…

  5. Thank you Cathy. It’s really fun to have a place for all this material to reside. I have so much more that I haven’t even tapped into that are precious archives. With each passing day they become more special. I do have a page called “Remembering Centenarian Homer Marks” on my website. I put the full interview and broke it into segments as well. I also made a little video about searching for his grave with his nephew last August that’s on that page.

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