Land of Flowers Music Video (highlighting area lake levels past and present)

Drought and overpumping of the Floridan aquifer are blamed for low lake levels in the Keystone Heights area.

Singer songwriter Elisabeth Williamson was so saddened by the low level of Gatorbone Lake in the Keystone Heights area in recent years that she wrote a song about it called, “Land of Flowers.”  Lake levels in many North Central Florida lakes have been low for a long period of time (some say since 2005, the year after the busy 2004 hurricane season).  Many blame not only the lack of rainfall, but also overpumping by businesses, agriculture and utilities. Scenes from Gatorbone Lake, White Sands Lake, Lake Geneva, Newnan’s Lake, Cross Creek and  Orange and Lochloosa Lakes are included in this video produced by Donna Green-Townsend.



Some photos in this video were contributed by Keystone Heights Mayor Mary Lou Hildreth.  Other video and pictures were taken by Donna Green-Townsend and Lee Townsend.

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