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A lost tourist’s letter home video pokes fun at FL visitors who end up in Central FL rather than the beach

Frank and the late Ann Thomas

The late singer-songwriter Ann Thomas captured just what a lost tourist might feel if he or she was heading for a typical vacation on a Florida beach, but ended up in Florida’s scrub land in her song, “A Lost Tourist’s Letter Home.”  Ann was the other half of the famous couple Ann and Frank Thomas who wrote numerous songs about Florida.


Jessie and Lee Townsend

Jessie and Lee Townsend along with musicians David McBrady, Chris Henry and Red Henry  captured the spirit of this tongue-in-cheek song written more than 30 years ago in the video below.  Produced by Donna Green-Townsend, the video captures scenes around North Central Florida, particularly Cross Creek.  Portraying the lost tourist is Harriett Meyer.