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Courtship Dance of the Florida Sandhill Crane

Sandhill cranes near McIntosh, FL (photo by Donna Green-Townsend)

The Father of Florida Folk, Will McLean, penned hundreds of songs about Florida. McLean, who was the first folk artist inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame loved to watch sandhill cranes. In Florida there are migratory sandhill cranes and cranes that stay in the state all year long. Below is a video produced by Donna Green-Townsend of migratory cranes incorporating one of Will McLean’s most popular songs, “Courtship Dance of the Florida Sandhill Crane.” ¬†Accompanying Will McLean are Kayt Kennedy on bowed psaltry and David Beede on hammered dulcimer. ¬†The music was recorded at McLean’s concert in 1985 at the Thomas Center in Gainesville, FL, just five years before his death.